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    Develop module display does not work with HP USB Graphics Adapter

    0mx9 Level 1

      El Capitan MacBook Air, HP USB Graphics Adapter (USB to DVI), latest drivers from DisplayPort. Connected to Acer monitor.

      I do not recall having this issue two weeks ago.

      Issue is: Lightroom CC 2015.2.1 seems to work normally on the external monitor, except that, in Develop module, the center section (the part with the big photo in it) is grey--no photo visible. The Navigator shows the photo properly, Cropping resizes the picture in the Navigator window.

      In grid view, the photo is visible

      In Loupe view, the photo is visible

      In Map view, the map is visible

      In Book view, I cannot drag a photo from the film strip to the book, however if I do that action on the internal monitor, then drag LR to the external monitor, the photo is displayed

      In Slideshow view, the photo is displayed but the Slideshow will not run