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    I just want to talk to a human being and cancel my membership!!!


      I keep going in circles on this website and I am sick and tired of it.  Why is it that I can't make a phone call or simply CANCEL my membership???  Last month, I was charged twice for my monthly membership, within an hour or two of each transaction.  Then this month, I don't have the funds to cover my fee, even though I shouldn't be getting charged until December (or so I thought with the two charges and all.... silly me.)   I went in circles last month for hours until finally giving up on contacting someone about the double charge.  Now, I'm fed up.  Cancel it and fix the double charges.   I don't want it anymore with a simple phone call being something Adobe doesn't offer their customers.







      The above images show that there was two separate charges to my account, one from my Adobe account management and the other from my banking institution.


      Please just cancel my membership.  I'm done.