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    Lighroom Suttering and Pausing on 4K Monitors


      Hardware/System Facts:

      My MB is a MSI Z97-G45 Gaming Board utilizing a Intel i7 4GHZ CPU and 32GB of Corsair Vengance RAM. The OS and Programs run from a 240GB Kingston SSD and my images and LR catalog are sitting on a 2TB sata. Finally, I have two Samsung 4K Monitors utilizing HDMI connections and being driven by a Nvidia GTX 950 2GB Display Card.


      Software Facts:

      I am running both the most current 64 bit versions of LR and Photoshop. I place the filmstrip view on the left and the loop image on the right. My image preview size is "std".



      From the standpoint of an application, LR loads very quickly. So do the images in the filmstrip view. However, some times the filmstrip view becomes very sluggish and choppy and then sporadically act like it has frozen for about 30 seconds. Then it starts going further downhill. For example the images will stop scrolling when the scroll bar is being moved. I can manually click on an image and navigate with the arrow keys. It also seems that when I hit F11 letting LR now know that I want the second monitor engaged things really seem to head downhill. Finally, I have gone from the filmstrip view to develop module and somewhere during the editing process the right display shows an image that has lost most of its vibrancy.


      Corrective Actions:

      1) Turned on and off the GPU option in LR and no impact.

      2) Cleaned out previews and cache folders and no obvious impact.

      3) Ran MEMTEST twice with no errors.

      4) Ran CPU diagnostic and no errors.

      5) Changed video card (GTX-750 to 950).

      6) Updated video card driver.

      7) Updated all drivers including for Display card and processed all OS updates.

      8) MB Bios is current.

      9) Went into Services and turned off any potential conflicts as well as trimmed Startup.

      10) Ran HD diagnostic tests and all were successful.


      Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thank you.