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    Hyperlink Named Destinations

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      We use InDesign to generate electronic PDF files. Our workflow is that we will create hyperlinks and bookmarks in InDesign and then  export the document as PDF. Along with PDF, we will also generate a log file in which we will list all the hyperlink destination names. This log will be used for different purpose for the production workflow. We have developed a script to generate the log. The log will be something like the below





      where a.indd is the name of the InDesign document and the 14468232569_1 is the name we set for the hyperlink destination.


      This is working well since 2008, but in InDesign CC, when we generate PDF some random numbers are suffixed by default in the PDF. Please refer the below screenshot. These does not affect any functionality of the PDF, but our workflow. Could you please advise how to avoid these random numbers?



      Those :448, :449, :450, :451 numbers are added by InDesign while PDF generation dynamically.



      Meanwhile, I have study the Acrobat Javascript API. Unfortunately, Acrobat Javascript API does not support to list or rename the NamedDestinations.