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    Image sequence import and El Capitan reaches a new low!!!

    martinc13962311 Level 1

      We have always had issues using AE in OS X and importing image sequences. The import is extremely slow and when importing large CG image sequences with lots of passes it is so slow as to make AE unusable. We have now reached a new low with El Capitan and AE2014. It is so slow that you can literally leave the room and go make a cup of tea! This is such a fundamental issue that is is baffling that it is never addressed. We have spoken direct with Adobe and they seem completely oblivious to it. Surely we aren't the only ones having this issue??? This seems to be an issue unique to AE, Fusion and Nuke see the image sequences quickly and as truncated lists.


      10gb Network

      5k iMACS

      thunderbolt to 10GBe adaptors

      Sever can read and write 1000MBs