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    Exporting to desired Size and Resolution - InDesign

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      I have a project that requires me to make 238 px x 238 px for a website. I input 238 px in my InDesign for the document size at the start at the project. However, I find several issues when I try to export it into JPEG.


      At first I export and choose 300 for the resolution. The image turns to be sharp and clear (which is good), however, the size becomes 992px x 992 px.

      Then, I try to export it again and choose 72 for resolution. The size is exactly what I wanted (238 x 238), but the image is really pixelated and seems like poor quality.

      I have tried to resize the first (sharp clear) image in Photoshop, but it seems like the image is losing quality.


      I am pretty confused right now because I set the project at 238 px, is there any settings that I need to change? Or is there any solution to have sharp 238 x 238 px image?


      Thank you