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    El Capitan (Mac OS X) and Adobe InDesign CS6


      First of all, there is no telephone support for Adobe Creative Suite CS6.

      And the only thing you can do, is to write here in the forums.

      That's pretty bad service.


      I had to buy a new iMac and of course it was delivered with Mac OS X El Capitan.

      I am still owning the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 and i am still happy with it, because I don't

      want to pay every year a lot of money to the subscription service of Adobe CS CC for features, that

      I don't need. It is way to expensive by the way. I am upgrading the products every 3-5 years. That's enough.

      But I want a application, that's installable and not cloud hosted and monthly paid.

      Adobe is not supporting the last full application (CS6) anymore and that is not okay on my opinion.


      The only application, that's bugging me and driving me nuts, is ADOBE INDESIGN CS6. The application

      is crashing like 100times a day. And this is not due to the dock menu bar etc.

      I submitted like 100-200 crashing reports to Adobe, but nothing happened. And now I am really p***ed off.

      All the other applications still work well under Mac OS X El Capitan. So why in the world it so hard

      for Adobe to put a update to fix those crashes? I don't want to have any new features or whatever, i just want

      to use my paid software.