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    Align to baseline grid has ceased to function


      Corrupt document?

      Adobe InDesign CC 2015 document, (multi-page): Align to baseline grid has suddenly ceased to function. The settings and styles in the document have not changed.
      Closing & updating the software has not resolved the issue.
      Neither has a save as command or opening the file as a copy.
      Re-setting the prefrences file has not cleared the problem.
      Existing text is fine - until I type something new or move. For example, if I select a paragraph and take off the baseline grid, it will not re-align when I try to re-apply the baseline grid command.
      Similarly, in this command Ctrl + Alt + 0 does not work either and instead zooms in at maximum level - something seems to have corrupted the file...


      Other documents do not seem to be affected.

      How can I repair this document please???