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    Is it possible to import XML data in a new Book?


      Hello everyone,


      I'm at the limit of my creativity.. I can't seem to find anything regarding this subject since the relevant keywords are all oversaturated on the web.


      So here's the problem:

      I have to create a catalogie with hundreds of high resolution images and hundreds of pages.

      All of these pages MUST be able to get data updates via XML (or any other import function) because the company i'm at

      frequently adapts product prices to stay competitive.


      Now, up until very recently we only produced small brochures and flyers, so the price updates were either pasted manually

      or via small XML imports - which works alright until you reach a certain number of pages. After which the performance and responsiveness of indesign

      just drops way below bearable.


      My idea was to use the "Book" datatype to collect multiple documents into one big catalogue, but i'm at a loss wether a large XML file can be

      placed over all of those documents. And I guess I forgot to mention that for the catalogue, we cannot split up the XML file in pieces. I'm not sure about the details why.


      I hope someone knows something I can go on, otherwise I will have to admit to my not-so-happy boss that this project can be canned.



      I'm monitoring this thread with my fingers crossed.. Thanks everyone!