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    Source Control/ Files won't update


      I am using RoboHelp X5 with Visual Source safe 6.0. The problem is more to do with the file or folder organization (I think).

      Basically we have folders setup in VSS set to our local folders each author has on their machines. I joined my company a year ago and noticed the mess of folders and files outside topic folders (sub-folders) on my local drive. Then I learned its because when we update certain project pages then check-in the project, the pages/files update to the wrong location, meaning they update to the main Project folder rather than the topic sub -folders that Visual Source safe is set to. Therefore we are forced to copy these updated pages outside the subfolders on our local drive and paste to the appropriate sub/topic folders, then Check-in so that VSS picks up the updated pages to deploy.

      I noticed that certain projects within RoboHelp have folders in the Project manager tab under HTML files and these projects usually update to correct location when checked-in, but they also have separate deployment paths for each sub folder within Visual Source.

      I can't figure out if the problem is with the deployment paths or the folder setup in RoboHelp. I tested a project deployment by creating a folder within RoboHelp to reflect the ones on our local drive then I dragged a topic in this folder, updated saved then checked in to realize the update was picked up in VSS but when I deployed the page, the links on the this page wouldn't work. Keep in mind the deployment settings for this particular project are the same for all the sub-folders. Hence I have no idea what the problem could be. Please Help. I would appreciate a quick solution that doesn't keep our links and projects online from working.