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    Load xml file based on Country ID

      Does anyone know if Flash can detect a users country ID, return the result to the Flash movie and then have actionscript load the appropriate XML language file based on this ID. In addition, is it possible to load a global XML file that all movies in the Flash file read when they are loaded in to the main flash file.

      What I am trying to do is create one XML file (per language) with all data for dynamic text in the Flash project. In this way, when a user say from China or Russia comes to the web site, I hope to ID their language, load the XML file for that language and bingo, one flash website with support for XX number of languages. All one would have to do is add an additional XML file for each language. Although detailed, a site can have every header, menu item - basically everything that is text converted to any mainstream language.

      I can do this with a fixed XML file for each langauge, but it means having a duplicate flash websites for each language. If Country ID can be detected and passed to Flash another way, that would be cool too e.g. Javascript or Server Side

      Any solutions or direction would be greatly appreciated.