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    Adobe Forum messages count don't match actual messages list

      I'm confused by how this forum is set up. When you click Home, you see a list of all forum categories with the number of topics posted in each one. Some of them have just a couple of hundred, others have thousands. However, when you click the forum title to look at some of these topics, it lists only a few topics, and when I search on my issue, it doesn't seem to be searching the entire archive of hundreds or thousands of topics. (Surely there are topics with the word "XPJ" in them out of those thousands, but none turn up in the search.)

      Does the forum include only the current years' topics, and the counts on the Home page just aren't up-to-date? If so, how do I see previous years' topics?

      I appreciate any help. Otherwise, I'll have to post a new topic on something that people have probably already discussed in the last year, and I hate to do that without researching it first. :(