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    Combining projects in premiere

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      I want to make a highlight video of my grandson's peewee football games.  I edited (clipped) each game as a separate project (8 games).  Now I want to combine them into a single project.  How do I combine them without having to do the  whole project all over again.  It took me days to do games separately.  Why can't I combine them?

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          Because they want you to buy Premiere Pro to get that functionality. If you do a search for your topic, you'll come across an entry about using a Clipboard extender called Clipmate that should help you along. It takes a bit of work to get setup and to get use to, but it will do what you want...

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            Maybe I'm not understanding your problem, but the solution seems simple to me. If you have each game edited the way you want it in separate project files you can export each one as a completed video and then add them all to a new project file and stitch them together that way. Even if you only want portions of each one included in the highlight reel you can cut/trim/splice like you would if you brought each clip in from the beginning.