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    contribute v.3 for mac freezes up

      using mac v.3.11 with mac os 10.4.7 , when i go to edit a page it starts ups and then freezes at about 75% through then i have to force quit to get it to close. any ideas of how to get it to work again?
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          Try clearing your preferences and freshly establish all the connections.
          1.Quit contribute
          2. Take a backup of "/Username/Library/Preferences/
          Contribute3Preferences" file from that location or delete it from that
          3. Relaunch contribute
          4. Create fresh connection.
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            A system that was about 18 months ago worked fine at the time and users have amended their site pages without trouble. However, all recent attempts have the same result in freezing Contribute after the site loads. It's fine till a link is clicked in the editor, but then it's stops completely.
            - the link to the srever tests fine
            - none of the server or end user software has been changed - everything is as it was
            - I've tried deleting all keys and all Contribute files from the server and have remade all keys, but same result
            - I've tried deleting the Contribute 3 preferences, but same result

            Has anyone got any thoughts on what may have caused the site to stop working, and what may solve the problem?

            best regards