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      When I go to view photos, Lightroom sometimes distorts the image when it is "auto-processing" (what I called it when image changes after it is loaded into Lightroom).  It is horribly disfiguring my photos, pulls whole blocks out of them and relocates the blocked part to another part of the image, changes the color, etc.  I find that this happens more often when I'm viewing a photo that has been stored (moved through Lightroom, so no problem there) on my external hard drive, and most often happens with iPhone photos.  My DSLR photos do not seem to have this issue.  99% of the photos stored on my external hard drive do not have this problem, so I don't think it's an issue with the EHD, and this happens after they have been uploaded from my iPhone to Lightroom, and moved to the external hard drive (through Lightroom) successfully.  I have view these images many times previously, and then one time they will just change when I go to view them, seemingly without rhyme or reason.  They will look fine initially and then with Lightroom "auto-processes" them, this happens: 



      Has anyone else experienced this?  Anyone know how to fix the photos and/or stop this from happening again?  I really appreciate any help anyone can give me!  I cringe every time one of my photos gets ruined.  THANK YOU!!

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          This is not Lightroom doing this.


          The cause is a hardware malfunction somewhere in the chain of transfer; could be the camera card, transfer hardware (cable, USB port, card reader), hard disk failing or bad memory chips.


          You need to try transferring the photos using different hardware, and if possible to an entirely different computer, to see if you can isolate which piece of hardware is causing the problem.