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    Uploads to flickr suddenly not working and help page not available

    r em89918713

      No problems until today.  Now I cannot upload to flickr from LR6, PSE10 or flickr uploader.  LR6 message says "Can't update this collection. An internal error has occurred: A semi colon character was expected."  PSE10 message says "Sorry, an error occurred during the uploading process.  Please try again later."


      Also, when I try to access the LR6 help page all I get is "This page is unavailable."


      My copies are "perpetual" but I did receive an auto email yesterday indicating that my 30 day trial of LR6 CC was now over.  I "chatted" with Adobe, pointing out that I have not trialled anything and did not want CC.  I also asked for assurance that my programmes were not about to be compromised for some kind of mistake on their side.  I was assured that all was OK.  Now this.


      Any ideas?