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    installing robohelp

      My harddrive was replaced and I need to reload Robohelp. I have RoboHelp Office version 2002 and an update Robohelp Office X5 Maintentance. I have Microsoft 2003. It is not supported by my version of RH. When I try to load X5 I receive a message saying to uninstall previous versions. I did that. Now, X5 maintentance will not load because it will not accept my product Key number. I am not using caplock. I am using the shift key to input the product number. I am inputting the product number correctly. I cannot contact Robohelp because technicians are busy with a new Acrobat release. What now?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Are you saying you had 2002 and then upgraded to X5? If so, you uninstall 2002 first and then install X5 and that does support 2003 albeit with a patch.

          If you are saying you are trying to apply that patch to 2002, it was not designed for that and will not work.

          Can you clarify things a bit?

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            HKabaker Level 2
            Are you typing RHO or RH0?

            once a victim of this trick.

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              AB_C Level 1
              Thanks for getting back to me. I loaded RH 2002. It can't read the new Microsoft Word. I uninstalled it. I tried to load RH Office Maintentance X5. The error message says it cannot read my product key number. I read the forum letter about this and followed its advice. I am not using caps on. I used the shift key to input the number. I am positive I used O instead of 0. I do not have a patch but I could not use it anyway if the system will not accept the product key.
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                When I said that X5 supports 2003, what I was implying was that RH2002 does not.

                The patch for X5 is only a patch. What you have to do is upgrade to X5 or move Word back to Word XP.

                Nothing but X5 works with Word 2003 and no, there are no hacks.

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                  AB_C Level 1
                  thanks, Peter. I was pretty sure I was stuck high-center on this one. The boss is ordering a new copy of RH.