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    Problems with lost links within InDesign file when sent from PC to MAC?


      Hi, we have had some cases when the links to Pictures within InDesign file is sent from external Contact using PC and later opened up in our MAC.

      Have anyone experienced the same problem?

      We do not recognise this problem when we are sent files made with Mac.



      Our IT-department wants us to change from Mac to PC and according to Adobe that should be no problem if everyone is using the latest version.We have marketing agencies that produces part of our label originals then we are in the middle working with some parts Before the result is sent to the Printing companies.

      In all those cases the agencies and the pinting companies are all using MAC.

      For the moment so are we but now IT wants us to unify with the rest of the Company and switch to PC.

      We are worried that it will lead to a lot of small errors and problems all the time even though Adobe says that is should be OK.

      What about types/fonts for example or risk of lost links. Will they cause problems when handled in PC and MAC (some files could be 2-4 years old, created in Mac and soon to be modified using PC).