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    pen tool


      Is Adobe in the near near near future going to release the pen tool for illustrator draw?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Blaze,


          I don't know if I'd say in the "near near near" future but we do get some (not a lot) of requests for it. I'll be sure to pass your comment along to the team.



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            Draw isn't in the feature request list (anymore?)!


            The pen tool and manipulation of the curves and points is one of the most crucial features in a vector app in my opinion. Seeing as how you only have Draw for mobile Androids (as in not for tablets and such) the excluded pen tool is the one feature that keeps me from using Draw as the brushes are way too heavy for just slightly older phones (I have a Galaxy Note III and the brushes cause an insane latency rendering the whole app useless).


            I get that I'm expected to have a top of the line new phone every time you release new software of any kind, but ditching a fundamental feature like the pen tool in a vector app just doesn't make sense to me (along with favoring Apple devices even though we pay the same price, but that's a wholly different issue).

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Penthouse.


              Sorry for the delayed response. We didn't remove the Pen tool feature; it's never been in Adobe Draw. And, sorry for the misunderstanding, all I meant is that we don't get nearly as many requests for adding a Pen tool as one would think... especially given the app icon.

              Your comments are valuable and I'll happily pass them along to the Draw team.


              Thanks for taking the time to post.



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                penthouse92 Level 1

                Yes I know the pen tool has never been a feature in Draw, I'm sorry for the confusion. What I was trying to say is that it should be and it's way beyond my comprehension why it isn't as it's one of the most useful tools in a vector app. In other words PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add the pen tool!


                I'm surprised that there aren't that many requests for a pen tool. It would be perfect for tweaking some ideas on-the-go for finishing later and doing modifications to pen-and-paper illustrations I've grabbed with Shape.


                Also I was just pointing out that I can't find Draw in the feature request list at all (when it asks me to choose an application it just isn't there) - meaning I can't request the pen tool feature in Draw.


                Sorry for the confusion and I'm actually surprised to see a reply this quickly!


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                  blazethatish Level 1

                  I read an article regarding all the Adobe mobile apps and the experiment they are doing.  4 Photoshop apps, that's one hot mess if you ask me.


                  In a way I can understand how the pen tool is not that requested for Adobe Draw, it's a mobile application that caters to Android and iOS.  How many people currently are moving their workflow to a mobile tablet device?  Not many, yet, but I am sure many will as technology starts to catch up IE... iPad Pro.


                  But there is a small light at the end of this long dark tunnel for us mobile artists.  Smaller start ups are creating intuitive apps with rich features.  ProCreate is an excellent drawing app.

                  As for an illustrator comparable there is Graphic which yes includes the pen tool.  There is some funkiness with exporting PSD files but nothing game breaking.


                  I do hope Adobe sometime soon does release a true app worthy of having the illustrator name.

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                    Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                    I'll be forwarding all of your comments to the team. It's really great to be able to provide them with such detailed feedback. So thanks for taking the time with it.


                    Blaze, I think I saw that very same article. And just to make sure our product teams saw it too, I'll also be passing that along to them.



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                      meteor302 Level 1

                      Hi Sue, this is a long one...


                      I've been waiting a long time for the ipad pro and apple pencil, and I am just getting to know the Adobe apps. I was very disappointed to not find a pen tool (bezier capability) in adobe draw. I do very complex illustrations with a wacom tablet but drawing curves on the ipad pro with apple pencil is a joy, looking at the same surface I'm drawing on is bliss. My dream was to do my work anywhere, which I can, but not with an Adobe product - I've turned to Autodesk Graphic for my work with bezier curves. It is a great app but Adobe could do better, and now is your chance.


                      I love the simplicity of adobe draw and the features of autodesk graphic. Because I spend hours at a time doing an illustration I have come to realize the shortcomings of Graphic that simply do not allow me to work efficiently and this is where Adobe Draw could take over. Using key commands is second nature to me, my left hand always using keystrokes to flip between tools as I draw with my right hand. In graphic, I have to tap all over the place, in various menus to get a tool that I need and it gets frustrating because its not intuitive.


                      Here are my big ideas for the next version of adobe draw. Of course adding the pen tool, but also adding functionality with keys like 'shift', 'option', or 'command' - that I can use with my free hand, like a keyboard. The next thing would be to add more features (have a good look at Autodesk Graphic) but I want the flexibility to create custom toolboxes. I want to create a custom toolbox where I can drag n drop my fav tools like scissors, Pathfinder - Intersect, the pen tool and the pencil tool; 5 or 6 tools max would do the trick and not impose on screen real estate. This could even be a flyout or floating toolbox, but for me should reside in the bottom left corner (or bottom right for a lefty) where I can tap with my left and draw with my right. A single toggle at top of screen could flip between the default tools and my custom tools.


                      This would make working on a mobile device more efficient than actually working on my desktop. In case you're thinking it, I've tried apps like Astropad that allows me to use Illustrator on my ipad - the big problem here is I have no place for my keyboard when the ipad is right in front of me, its very awkward, and as I mentioned I'm all over the key commands.


                      Please make my dreams come true (not asking much )


                      thanks for listening



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                        Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                        Hi Matt,


                        Thanks for this. We have definitely not made the decision to eliminate third-party stylus support from the iPad Pro. We just didn't include it in this first release. I have passed the comments about stylus support along to the team and, as I get them, I'll continue to do it. I understand completely the concept of "favorite tools" in creative work.


                        About your other feature suggestions, this is the first time I've heard most of the them. They're not super common requests. But, I will pass those along to the team too; your drawing insights are valuable.


                        Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed note. It provides an entirely different level of insight.