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    Motherboard got changed now MacBook asks all the time for Creative Cloud.


      Maybe a month ago or longer I had to get my MacBookPro fixed because the motherbord was broken (it was a model from 2011 and in that year they build something in it what broke it). I did a backup before I handed it in and when I got it back everything was still on the computer so I didn't do another back up since then. Now two weeks ago all my Creative Suite programms started me to ask if I wanted to buy Creative Cloud. I ignored it and then the last day came and now my programs aren't working anymore. I got the programs all from my school and I finished school in June. But the guy in school told me the programs don't have a expiring date. And no one in my old class had the same problem. Now I think since I got a new motherboard that changed something and now my Mac needs the Creative Cloud. Is it possinble to get my old Creative Suite back? And since I another little problem is that I don't have the licencenumber anymore or couldnt't find out how to get it back...