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    Can I use Arabic from English version of CS6?


      I have CS5.5 and am trying to decide what I should buy to get Arabic support for a project. My preference is to buy CS6, since I have never liked the idea of leasing software and would prefer to own a copy of CS (one that I can use to open old files till I'm dead.)


      I was actually in the process of buying CS6 with Arabic enabled, but got stuck while checking out. I live and work in the United States and am only needing Arabic for a small number of my print projects for a single client. The Digital River check out page would only allow me to enter countries in the MENA region, and so, since my credit card is issued in the USA, I was stuck.


      Thus my question: If I upgrade to the English version of CS6, can I still enable Arabic?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You can use the world ready paragraph composer or a couple of third party plugins, but CS6 is EOL.




          If you intend to run it on a new Mac or Windows 10 you are going to be on your own. CS6 will never see another update to add support.




          You can subscribe to CC for $20/month and given the $700 price tag for CS6 I’d be thinking very carefully before buying.

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            senortim Level 1

            Understood. But I'm currently running CS5.5 on El Capitan (on a new Mac) and other than having to reinstall Java, I've had no problems.


            I use both design and video software from Adobe, so it's $50/mo for me. So far I've seen no compelling CC features that prompt me to upgrade. I have even found Lynda.com vids that say a feature is CC and found that the instructions work fine in 5.5. So my thinking (1990s as it is) was squeeze another couple of years out of my software, and have a version that CC supports for back-saves. I'm also concerned that if I switch and for some reason need to cancel, I'll need to find someone with CS6 to help me make CS5.5-compatible files. IOW, I've thought about this a lot.


            I think before I start joining the modern leased software revolution I'll try the scripts you recommended. If World Ready is in CS4, I'll guess it will do most of what I need. Thanks for that suggestion!