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    Premiere Elements 10 suddenly not working in OSX 10.9.?


      I have a APE10 bought from Apple App Store and installed on two laptops. Today both suddenly asked to re-authorize the program ("This program was purchased on a different computer using the same iTunes account" or something) althought it has been working fine before and has been correctly authorized. After giving the right iTunes password, both laptops now give an error "APE10E is damaged and cannot be opened. Delete APE10E and download it again from the app store". 100% identical problem so I don't think it's a hardware issua. Reinstalling the program didn't help. I did a more extensive cleaning (deleted preferences, application support files, etc) and reinstalled but no help.


      Apple support unsuprisingly claim it an Adobe problem so now I'm asking here for help.

      I don't have a proper serial number (as it's an App Store purchase) so I can't download updates from here.


      Both laptops are late 2009 MBP with OSX 10.9.5. Both machines have ran the program fine before this.