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    Real World System Requirements for new Computer to run multiple CC Apps Simultaneously?

    vickik63174113 Level 1

      Before I purchase a new computer I want to be sure it will be able to handle the Creative Cloud suite.  I currently have a computer through work that was 'supposedly' configured to handle Creative Suite 5...however...if I run more than 2, sometimes 3 apps at the same time nothing works, computer freezes...etc.  The system requirements Adobe has online list the apps one by one and their requirements, and they are all DIFFERENT!!  I mostly use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Bridge and Acrobat. Nowhere can i find what is required if you want/need to run more than one app at a time!  Does anyone have any information that can help me choose the specs for a new computer? Any information would be much appreciated... thanks!