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    When will iPad Pro support Ink & Slide?

    CRMac Level 1

      I got my iPad Pro, now I'm looking to use my recent legacy (and rather expensive) Ink & Slide devices.  Currently no IOS  Adobe app supports Ink use on iPad Pro.  Which is pretty unfortunate no matter how you look at it.  Any ideas when the hardware will work?

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          Dlogue Level 1

          I have the same question. I think I would prefer Adobe ink and Slide rather than Apple's Pen ... plus, I don't know how well Apple-Pen will work with the Adobe apps.


          Also, where can I order the Ink and Pen?

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            Dlogue Level 1

            I found a place to order the Ink and Slide. Adobe refers you to a company called Adonit and provides a link. It's on sale for $69 right now and I'm about ready to buy it but I would really like to know if it will work with the iPad Pro.


            If you are looking to order the set, go to this page: http://www.adonit.net/adobe-ink-slide/

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              I Just looked on adobes site for ink and slide and sadly it's not compatible with iPad pro. The link at the bottom of this page asks you to put your iPad model number in to see if it's comparable. Learn Ink & Slide, get help and support | Adobe Ink & Slide  its not comparable now. Does anyone know if Adobe is working to make it compatible ?

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                virtualkip Level 1

                ddoes anyone know if it's an os9 issue or iPad pro issue?

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                  Dlogue Level 1

                  Judging from the limited distribution channels (ie: the places you can buy it), it sure looks like Adobe is abandoning the product. That's a shame because I really liked the added features (shapes) that slide added to the mix. I think the product was just a little ahead of it's time on the standard iPad. But now with the iPad Pro, you could actually get some 'work' done with the ink and slide tools. Apple pencil is nice but what 'Adobe Slide' added to the equation was a big advantage. Apple's two finger ruler gesture just doesn't have the same features yet.

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                    tthis was one of my most expensive stylus's and to hear that the support for this has not bed trancended onto the iPad is not only disappointing but disrespectful to all the many buyers that actually bought this to use for business and for personal use . You would think that Adobe would have automatically added this support due to the price we have paid ? If this is not resolved we should all get a refund from Adobe .

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                      kind of like being disrespectful to the casual users who bought the master collection but then forced them to a subscription model by making it so video cards that once worked with after effects cs6, no longer worked with a patch upgrade but would only be supported again in CC.  That kind of disrespect?

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                        digisign76 Level 1

                        I own an Ink & Slide and I had and initially I had an iPad 3. Due to the fact that the stylus would work but with no pressure recognition (no bluetooth 4.0 support), i bought an iPad Air 2, without knowing that the Ink & Slide worked perfectly with the iPad Air, the 4th gen and the mini (both model) but it had a very big issues working with the Air 2 because of the new touch screen implemented in this model and the energy saving mode on it which made the stylus crazy and unresponsive.

                        So, de facto, I bought this stylus but I have never manage to use it properly. And I actually paid a lot of money to have it, also confident of its quality and reliability, being an Adobe product (developed by Adonit, which make amazing stylus, one of which I still have today and work perfectly, especially because it's a passive stylus).


                        I bought an iPad Pro, and with great disappointment I have to confirm that the support to Ink&slide has been dropped by the device itself and by all of its native apps. In Adobe Illustrator Line, Photoshop Sketch, Mix and so on, you won't see the stylus icon on the top right of the screen anymore: there is no way for for this stylus to be recognized and paired. Bluetooth on or off won't make any difference, and Forge behave in the same exact way: it's the only app in which you can actually try to pair it, but it won't recognize it.


                        So now, with the perfect device, which seems built on purpose, you can no longer even use it.


                        A worthless piece of beautifully crafted design that I have been never able to use and it's now condemned to the oblivion.

                        And I even paid an high price to have it.


                        And I do not have to be disappointed with Adobe, their policy and behavior?

                        I can't ask a refund of course, because I bought this more than 30 days ago (almost 1 year) but in this year I patiently wait for the proper support, SDK or whatever, confident that this would have been fixed soon.


                        I was wrong. And now? Shall I simply throw it away?


                        I would like to have an official reply, even though I know I will never have it.


                        So, make yourself a favor, and DO NOT BUY ADOBE INK&SLIDE STYLUS!!!


                        Buy a passive one or go for the Apple Pencil. Just a superior tool.

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                          Dlogue Level 1

                          Design76: I certainly would not throw it away. The hardware certainly seems solid and as you said, we now have the 'perfect device' to use it with. The tech world is littered with Great Ideas that were Way ahead of their time ... Apple's Newton comes to mind as it was an iPad Mini way ahead of it's time.


                          I think we should keep up the pressure / suggestions to Adobe and see if they will re-institute their 'driver efforts' for the iPad Pro. This version of the iPad Pro is just the beginning of the Big-Pad product line so even if they (Adobe) just focused on the iPad (And perhaps that Microsoft touch screen thing) they should be building a big audience of 'creative' folks that will get excellent utility out of these Adobe hardware tools.


                          Of course that all assumes Adobe just got tired of trying to write drivers for all the ridiculous permutations of phones and tablets out there. If however, they dropped Ink and Slide support because of some 'hardware design issues' all bets are off. If the permutations of the various 'touch' sensors are causing the problem, it could be very difficult to keep the 'Hardware' current. I suspect this might be the case because  My old Navitech Grey stylus worked on my iPhone but will not work on my iPad Pro, yet the specs say it will. Navitech said they updated the stylus and have a replacement on the way to me now ... Still it's not an "Ink" or an "Apple Pencil" but I can't get the later for 6 weeks and I need to get some work done  

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                            badbrad88 Level 1

                            How do we go about getting an answer from Adobe on this, the only reason I bought the iPad pro was to draw on a larger screen. I've heard from my friends that they don't like Pencil... And if Adobe is abandonimg a device that cost $200 a year ago an explanation should be given.

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                              Larry Cooney Level 1

                              What do they not like about the Apple Pencil? I have it with the Pro and I love it. This image was done 110% with the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. No retouching in desktop version whatsoever. The only negative thing about the Apple Pencil is the charging method and you'll get over it in a day.


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                                I bought an iPad Pro because of its possibilities for art and design and the Ink and Slide package looked an attractive addition. So I bought one, at a reduced price, and it came today. It looks to be useless, and a waste of money. Adobe's website even implies Line is still available, which it isn't and the only warning that it might not work, now that I've looked is the Compatability box at the bottom. On Amazon's website Adonit have recently replied that there might be a fix in due course, but I'm not convinced as the apps have no icons for the hardware.

                                All very disappointing and unsatisfactory in my view.

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                                  rickyc79841951 Level 1

                                  I have just bought the iPad pro and the Adobe ink & slide ... to find out, like you ALL, it is not compatible! Unbelievable! There is no clear messaging to make you aware the two devices are NOT compatible. I feel cheated and so disappointed.

                                  Will Adobe answer anybody or at least say when or if it will be compatible?

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                                    kallikrates5 Level 1

                                    Hear, hear. I had a reply from Adonit which didn't promise a great deal. They are working on the SDK but as Adobe have removed the pen icons I cannot see anything will happen on that front. For me, it is complicated as I bought it from RA Distribution on eBay, but it came in an Amazon box with a shipping slip from Premium Lifestyle, fulfilled by Amazon.co.uk. Who's responsible? Paid by PayPal so raised it through them. In my opinion it will never be compatible and is in effect obsolete and should be withdrawn.

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                                      kallikrates5 Level 1

                                      Update: I contacted the supplier and have received a full reimbursement, and will return the items.

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                                        Dear Adobe, I purchased an iPad Pro and an Ink and Line assuming that they'd be logically compatible. But No. Are you kidding! Fix this. Please. I also pay a high price to use to Adobe CC....  To not bring the full capacity of the Adobe workflow, with the vastness of the iPad Pro and the Ink/Line tool is like inviting folks to a BBQ, but not having a fricken grill! Come on.

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                                          GCVigilante Level 1

                                          Curious does the Slide ruler work by itself on the iPad pro once you activate the onscreen ruler? Could be useful considering it's only $30 now...

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                                            stick with Apple's Pencil. It's a well engineered product and works great writhe the Adobe products.

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                                              One of y'all said you could get it from Adonit but it was $69 we'll you can get from amazon for $29

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                                                Ridiculous that they don't work together we pay good money for each companys devices and software .

                                                I could moan on but to sum it up it's a scam ....shame on you



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                                                  JMIAHeryn Level 1

                                                  The CONCEPTS drawing app accepts the ADobe Ink and Slide for it on my iPad Pro 12.9 2017 model just fine!! It's in the settings where you select that for the app to sync and use with it... and I LIKE that app more than ANY drawing app too!

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                                                    I am surprised to read that Slide works within the Concepts App. In the Concepts manual I read the following: "

                                                    • Adobe Ink (Slide isn't flexible enough to support our Shape Guides, so not supported.)". This would imply that only Ink works.

                                                    Can you please react to this?