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    PC Specific Problems

      Apologies in advance for this long post!

      I've come across a very specific error which has only happened on 2 PCs so far. This is all using Director 8.5. Basically, the user selects a car manufacturer, this then looks up that manufacturers car models (using Arca database Xtra) and enters them in an OScontrol Xtra popup menu.

      However, on the problem PCs as soon as you try to select a model from the popup-menu it always jumps to the last item in the list (thereby triggering the on update handler for the OSPopupMenu - this executes successfully though, no script errors).

      The special part is that it only does this for Audi, not on any of the other 28 manufacturers. The lingo is identical for all, the only variable is the manufacturers name in the SQL query.

      The query is successful, all the models are returned, it just auto-selects the last item. I got a copy of the .exe and database file from a problem PC, put it onto a working PC and it's fine. This leads me to believe that it's not a problem with data corruption.

      Also, the fact that all other manufacturers work as expected suggest that both Arca and OSControl are happy. I've checked for non-alphanumerics in model names for the sake of OSControl, Audi has nothing that other working manufacturers do not.

      Both the problem PCs are running XP Pro, but other PCs running XP Pro we tested are fine, as was our Win 2000 Pro test and my development Mac is also fine.

      In conclusion, I haven't got a clue what could be wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try next?
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          One thing I can suggest is that you open an Explorer window and go to
          Tools->Folder Options..., under the General tab, do the problem PCs have
          "Click items as follows" set to "Single-click to open an item (point to

          Or perhaps you could check for "the doubleClick" to see if something strange
          is happening with that.


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            Thanks Andrew. The user has to get past at least two other OSPopupMenu's to get to the problem part though, so I'd think they'd also be affected. I'll have a try and see though.

            Part of the problem is I don't have access to a machine that is erroring so debugging potential doubleClick problems is tricky! I would expect it to just call the OSControl onUpdate handler twice with the same value. Then again, I would expect it to not automatically select it's own value :)