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    Export LR CC 2015.2.1 Catalog for LR 5.7.1 Images import

    mikef8772975 Level 1

      I have had many, many crash problems with LR CC 2015.2.1 (on Win 7 & AND El Capitan) to the point it is totally unusable, thank you. I have a perfectly good 5.7.1 stand alone version running on both platforms, so as a fall back am trying to transfer my work since I went to CC back to 5.7.1 until Adobe fixes CC, if they ever do. While in 2015.2.1 I exported my work into a temp catalog on the desktop. Close 2015.2.1, open 5.7.1 and attempt an import from the temp Catalog get the error message  "Can't Import because Catalog if from newer version" or some such.


      How does one one import images that have been processed back into an older version and keep all the post processing work, or is that impossible? I am pretty sure I can import the raw images back to 5.7.1 via other ways.


      Thank you!