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    TO ANY MANAGER -  I have never made a complaint in my life to any business, but two different support employees were short and closed chats on me, issue is still unresolved.


      I have used AE for many years, and I try to find every answer to any issues that may arise on my own, mostly because I don't like to wait, but was surprised to see how quickly there was someone there.  After an hour of letting someone poke around on my computer, I solved the first issue myself, which is fine, I didn't mind at all, and was obviously over-friendly about it. But when I asked the second question, the support guy ended both chats with me (after he clearly replied saying he would wait,) I thought maybe it was because of the "glitching" issue that I lost him, but after I asked in the normal chat "are you there?" he closed it about 30 seconds later.  I got on the chat with a second person from support, I felt I was treated the same way. Asked to uninstall ALL of my plugins after only giving a basic explanation, I replied asking if there was any other options first, because it would take me several hours to find all the information to reinstall and license them again and her answer was very vague.. and sounded like I would just waste MORE time by doing this, especially since she didn't even attempt to ellaborate on why after expressing this concern.  I then explained how long this process would be, and pleaded for other suggestions, but the representative told me to reinstall the applications, and INSTANTLY closed the chat on me.  This was a very unpleasant experience, and to end the chat on me both times when I was being overly friendly AND just gave them access to my computer, it is very unsettling and left a bad taste in my mouth for Adobe. I just needed suggestions.. Link to the "support portal" chat - https://screen.share.adobe.com/session_download?lsid=l%3Df109ccb58afb4acfab2f0e195d74e3b6% 3Bh%3D3e375d6774a88e66bc8cd1f87401cd229c6cd7df%3Bt%3Dsd%3Bm%3Dchat&dl_action=chat&view=1


      I don't know how to get a link to the chat so this is copy-pasted, I'm sure you guys have a record of it also, so here is the case number - 0187227502


      Second chat after being cut off, and contrary to what it says, I was NOT the one to end the chat, it was instantly ended after her message popped up -


      Thank you for your patience.



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      You are now chatting with Devendra.

      Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.

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      Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.

      4:45:26 PM




      Please allow me 1-2 minute(s) to review your account details.

      4:46:32 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      https://screen.share.adobe.com/session_download?lsid=l%3Df109ccb58afb4acfab2f0e195d74e3b6% 3Bh%3D3e375d6774a88e66bc8cd1f87401cd229c6cd7df%3Bt%3Dsd%3Bm%3Dchat&dl_action=chat&view=1

      4:47:50 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      that was the last transcript of the screen share, after solving the issue myself after almost an hour, I wanted to ask another question that would be hard to explain through messaging, but since he could see my screen I wanted help.. but he just closed the chat on me after saying he would see

      4:47:56 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      both chats

      4:48:30 PM




      ok let me check

      4:51:10 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      Basically if I were to attempt to explain the issue - every time I have another application open, and then click on AE to the foreground, it - doesn't freeze - doesn't lock up - but it "glitches" like the buttons spaz around everywhere for a few minutes and then everything is fine..

      4:51:59 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      would have saved me a ton of time to just have him see if he has seen it before and knows, because I've tried googling about it a hundred times, but it's hard to explain

      4:52:46 PM




      What operating system are you using?

      4:52:53 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      or maybe I lost him because of it, but I saw he ended the chat that looks like this one so I don't know

      4:52:56 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      Windows 8.1

      4:54:04 PM




      have you used third party plugins in the program

      4:54:36 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      oh yes, I have plenty, but I know about the issue with AE15

      4:54:44 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      so i downloaded 14, and cs6

      4:54:48 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      does it on all of them

      4:56:05 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      here is something that helped for a bit, I used to use headphones, and when I unplugged them for the first time, it went almost a day without doing it once

      4:56:20 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      I have no idea if that is related, but it did help for a day

      4:56:48 PM




      please unisntall all the plugins

      4:57:50 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      ok, I will give it a try - but it is a huge pain to get the serials from my emails.. is there anything else?

      4:58:28 PM




      no thats all

      4:59:20 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      I don't understand, you don't really know what's going on.. I didn't have any plugins in the common folder or on CS6 when I installed it, it still does it

      4:59:56 PM




      its just to test try that

      5:00:12 PM




      mostly it should fix this issue

      5:00:33 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      so nothing else to try first

      5:00:41 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      at all

      5:00:48 PM




      not as of now

      5:01:14 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      so what would be the next step if it didn't work

      5:02:54 PM

      Nicole Rykbos:



      This would take me a few hours to re-install my plugins, I really just want to troubleshoot other options first, i know I removed them from common and never installed them for cs6, and it still goes crazy.

      5:04:28 PM




      Please uninstall and reinstall both the application

      You have ended this chat session. Thank you for contacting Adobe.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That sounds terribly frustrating!

          Unfortunately, these forums are not an official way to contact Adobe. These forums are user-to-user support. This means that you're just talking to fellow users in here (like me). Adobe employees do pop in here with some frequency, but it's members of the After Effects product team and the video product team (the guys actually making the programs) and isn't any sort of manager for the support staff.


          You'll have to go through Adobe's official support channels to talk to someone about issues with the support team. There should be a phone number for your country in the support pages, but even if not, I would think you would be able to be escalated in the chat the next time you connect.


          Now, if you would like help with your actual issue from your fellow users, we'll be glad to offer what assistance we can.

          If I'm following the chat transcript, every version of AE that you've tested flickers if you go to a different program and then return to AE. Is that correct?

          If you could share as much information as possible, we can try to troubleshoot with you here.

          This page has some helpful suggestions: FAQ: What information should I provide?

          We're definitely going to want to know things like exact version numbers of AE that you've tested (down to the last decimal), how long this issue has been going on, when it started, GPU and the GPU driver information, what kind of monitor setup you have, what sort of preview system you've got (AJA, Blackmagic, Kona, etc.), what plugins are installed, etc.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hello Nrykbos,

            I'm very sorry to hear about your negative experiences with our agents. It appears that the case is still open and I am following up with our staff to make sure your problem is addressed ASAP. If it is OK, I will have them contact you during normal business hours for your time zone in the next day or so. Kindly send me a private message if there is a better time to reach you and I can adjust that or if there is anything else I can assist you with.


            I am also investigating as to why your chat sessions were of poor quality and why you were disconnected so abruptly. I really apologize for that. I will make sure the agents' manager is contacted and the situation is remedied accordingly.


            Kevin Monahan

            Support Product Manager

            Adobe Digital Video and Audio Applications