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    Unable to add music from iTunes to slideshow.


      In iTunes (latest version), I do not have the Create AAC version option. What am I doing wrong?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Ruyooka,


          Please follow the below instructions.


          In Preferences (CTRL + ,), in the General tab, click on Import Settings.

          You need to select AAC Encoder in the Import Using drop down menu.

          Now Create AAC Version should appear in your right-click context menu.


          related link: iTunes 12 has no option to create AAC version | Apple Support Communities


          If the above steps don't work, please contact the manufacture.


          Let us know if that helps.




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            Ruyooka Level 1

            Thank you Mohit. Very helpful. I am now able to create AAC versions of the music. However, I am still unable to add the music. I do as follows:


            Click on  + Add Music

            Takes me to iTunes

            I select the music (AAC version)   (Blue Monk by Theloneous Monk)


            Add Music Results Box pops up, with the following message:


            Some music files could not be added

            The music file is not well formed. (1)

               1-01  Blue Monk 1.m4a


            Tried different songs, different genres. Same result.


            Now, I tried again and I get the same error message above but this time it says: 1-01 Blue Monk 3.mp3, suggesting the problem is not with iTunes.


            I called Apple support. The kind gentleman did a screen share with me and there appeared to be no problem with iTunes. Seems my copies of LR and iTunes "not talking."