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    Strange paragraph style behaviour


      I've been working a couple of days with a 50 pages magazine. Suddenly all my paragraph styles stops working properly.

      Whatever paragraph style I apply the type face changes to Chapparal pro 9pt Italic!
      When use the style on a text I’ve previously imported it works properly – but not on new texts.
      If I for instance use a heading-paragraph set to Antique Olive std, bold 22pt the result is still Chaparrall pro 9pt italic!
      The only thing that gets right is that it spans over two columns.

      Even if I create a new style based on whatever typeface size and style, when I appy it the text is set to Chaparral pro 9pt!

      If I import the styles to a new document they work properly. But if I move the pages to a new document the problem remains.

      I go crazy over this! I have to do all my layout manually!

      I have also tried opening the document on another computer but the problem still remains.

      What can possibly have gone wrong?!!