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    why is AE CC ONLY modifying existing keyframes?

    ebluBeta Level 1

      AE is ONLY modifying existing keys. I click and drag, and keys that are not selected, not under my cursor, not even visible in the panel, get the transform.

      this is not the exception, this is the rule.

      what gives?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          nobody can tell you much without proper system info. Those issues have been reported several times for high DPI displays. Otherwise simply revert to CC 2014.



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            ebluBeta Level 1

            Mylenium, since this change Only occurs in AE 2015, it's safe to say that it's got nothing to do with any of the system details.

            by definition it's a change between 2014 and 2015, as you noted yourself. I do find it weird that you do seem to think it's diagnosable and do so, right after stating that nobody can tell me much without more info.


            but for the sake of sharing:

            spoiler alert : I'm using a trusty LED Cinema display.


            Model Name: Mac Pro

              Model Identifier: MacPro6,1

              Processor Name: 8-Core Intel Xeon E5

              Processor Speed: 3 GHz

              Number of Processors: 1

              Total Number of Cores: 8

              L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

              L3 Cache: 25 MB

              Memory: 32 GB


            System Version: OS X 10.11.1 (15B42)

              Kernel Version: Darwin 15.0.0

              Boot Volume: Macintosh HD

              Boot Mode: Normal


            AMD FirePro D500:

              Chipset Model: AMD FirePro D500

              Type: GPU

              Bus: PCIe

              Slot: Slot-1

              PCIe Lane Width: x16

              VRAM (Total): 3072 MB

              Vendor: ATI (0x1002)

              Device ID: 0x679e

              Revision ID: 0x0000

              ROM Revision: 113-C3861J-687

              gMux Version: 4.0.11 [3.2.8]

              EFI Driver Version: 01.00.687


            LED Cinema Display:

              Display Type: LCD

              Resolution: 2560 x 1440

              Pixel Depth: 30-Bit Color (ARGB2101010)

              Display Serial Number:

              Main Display: Yes

              Mirror: Off

              Online: Yes

              Rotation: Supported

              Connection Type: DisplayPort

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Please describe your workflow in detail. If you are making modifications while preview is running then the only key frame that will change is the selected keyframe in the timeline. If you wish to insert a new keyframe by making a change then you must stop the preview and set the CTI to the desired time and then make the change. I think this may be a workflow problem and not a bug because I cannot reproduce the bug on my nearly identical Mac.

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                ebluBeta Level 1


                I've been working in After effects for 17 years. I am not in the habit of trying to do anything while the preview is running. The expectation built upon years and years of AE discipline is that while the preview is under way manipulation should be impossible. I find it odd that you mention trying to manipulate objects during a preview.


                The workflow is simple: the object is not selected (and no keyframes are selected either), but the object has animation turned on for t's position and has keys already. click on the object you desire to move, and drag it to the desired location.


                in the past 11 versions of After effects, this action would create a new keyframe, at the current time. in AE 2015, it does not do that. It selects the nearest keyframe for the newly selected object, and modifies that keyframe, even if the keyframe is not being drawn because it is outside of the motion path drawing setting. This is unexpected, incorrect behavior.


                I am very sensitive to changes in the UI, and this one is a killer. Either AE now has a very generous change to the way it picks weighed heavily towards selecting keys over creating them, or it's a bonafide bug. I don't care how it's classified, it slows me down ridiculously. in order to make a new key, I have to click the new key button in the time scrubber panel.


                I am not surprised in any way that you do not experience this problem, that does not invalidate in any way, my experience. This is a real thing, and it's really happening. Otherwise i would not be here, trying to find help for it.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I cannot reproduce your problem on a nearly identical Mac with the same software. Are you by any chance using a tablet instead of a mouse?


                  When preview was running and CC 2015 you can select a position  keyframe and drag the values around while the preview is running and the preview will update. I actually am finding this behavior helpful because it works with any effect that you can reveal in the timeline. The only trick is that you have to make sure the keyframe you want to manipulate has been selected.

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                    ebluBeta Level 1

                    Rick, sometimes, bugs cannot be reproduced under ideal circumstances. Especially in such a mountain of spaghetti code as After effects.

                    I am using a logitech Mx510 mouse. it's the generic 2 button mouse from logitec, from about 10 years ago. Same mouse (the exact same mouse, mind) I've used since about AE 5.0. I do have a wacom, a beauty, but I do not use it with AE.


                    it may be that any number of things may be different between our systems. For instance My system is one of the very first of the late 2013 mac pros. it has some different internals versus pros form just a few months later, allowing mine to be installed with earlier OS software. You cannot assume that we have identical systems, or that they have identical components, or that they have the exact same software installed. For all we know, the AE version might be a slightly different build, or you or I may have a different Quicktime component installed, or it could be an issue caused by the installed plugins, a latency introduced by too many expressions in the comp, I have a second monitor, an LG that could be a factor. The point is: based upon you experience, as stated, we can assume something is different.  And none of that matters. This issue is still happening to me. It's a real problem that I need to get resolved. I appreciate you trying to help, but if you are trying to say that the problem does not exist, then you have crossed the border into being unhelpful.


                    I have filed a bug report, and it will be lost, just like every other bug report i have filed over the years. In the mean time, it looks like there is no previous awareness in the community, so I am faced with decisions.

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      i'm not saying you don't have a bug, I'm saying I cannot reproduce it on a nearly, let me repeat that nearly identical Mac. Also does not fear on any of the other machines are use on a daily basis. I have never seen a case where when a stopwatch was  enabled and a value was changed that a keyframe was not created.


                      Hopefully an update to AE or your OS or moving back to cc 2014 will solve the problem.