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    Skin problem in WebHelp Pro

      Good day :-)

      I have a skin problem and I'd be really pleased if anyone can help. It's been bugging us for weeks now.

      Problem Summary:
      We are using WebHelp Pro. The RoboEngine ignores our custom skin, and serves instead a default skin. The problem happens only on one of our RoboEngine servers. The other servers contain the same RoboHelp projects, and the skin is served OK there.

      Details of the problem:
      * Problem occurs on one server only. We have a test server, two production servers and a staging server. The configuration is the same on all servers, as far as we can see. The skin is served correctly on the test server and both production servers. It is served incorrectly on the staging server.
      * Problem occurs on all three web sites on the staging server. Web sites are differentiated by different ports (80, 8080 and 8090). The same three ports are used on all other servers, and all work correctly on other servers.
      * Problem occurs when we access the web site via the RoboEngine - custom skin is ignored. But when we access the site directly via IIS, the custom skin is served correctly.
      * I have tried publishing a really simple RoboHelp project to the problem server - simply created a new project, changed the skin colour and published. The changed skin colour does not show!

      We are using:
      RoboHelp HTML X5.0.1, build 606
      RoboEngine version
      IIS 6
      Windows 2000

      Any thoughts would be most welcome.
      - Sarah
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Sarah and welcome to our community

          Believe it or not, I may actually know how to solve this one.

          I think the key is to define a default window in the default project for that RoboEngine. So open the project, expand the Windows pseudo folder, right click and create a new window, then configure it as the default. RE-Generate and RE-Publish. Then see if your fancy schmancy skin decides to show itself.

          Cheers... Rick
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            SarahMaddox Level 1
            Hallo Rick

            Thanks, but alas this did not work. I tried creating an entirely new window and setting it as the default. But my oh-so-beautiful skin still does not display. Also, the exact same projects work perfectly on other servers. I'm really tearing my hair out here. (No hair, no skin...).

            Any more ideas?
            - Sarah
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              MergeThis Level 4
              Two possibles:

              Have your IT people messed with permissions on that server, and therefore none of your changes are showing up?

              Have you tried stripping the target folder of all files and then re-publishing?

              Good luck,
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                SarahMaddox Level 1
                Hallo Leon

                My IT people are convinced that this is not a permissions problem. All my changes do show up, except the skin. And the skin files are there - you can see the skin if you bypass the RoboEngine and access the site directly via IIS.

                We have completely cleared out IIS and all the RoboEngines, then re-published - no joy.

                - Sarah
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                  Hello Sarah

                  I just converted RoboInfo Pro 5.0 with RoboEngine 4.0 to RoboHelp HTML v7 and I am using Webhelp Pro to publish. I have been using the XP_Gov skin since 2004. I am having the same problem you had with the skin defaulting to the Default skin but any text changes are being made. Did you resolve your skin problem with the Roboengine, and if so how?
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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi Richard

                    This may be worth trying. Edit the project that was added to the server first. Change the skin and publish. Then change the skin back to what you want and publish again.

                    I recall back when RoboHelp Enterprise was introduced, that there were issues with getting the skin to show. As I recall, one had to set the default window in the main project, then it would show. So I'm thinking this may be worth a shot.

                    Let us know if this works! Rick :)