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    welcome to kuler

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      Welcome to "kuler talk." Please use this forum to discuss kuler.

      Going live with kuler 1.0 is the start of the conversation. We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.
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          This looks like a great idea, but it seems a little buggy this morning. I cant get any colors in my create sections, and there are no instructions at all for usage. I'm at player version 9,0,28,0 on Firefox.
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            Mordy Golding Level 3
            Great tool! I'm already loving it.

            Here are some comments:

            - While the way the star ratings animate when you mouse over them are cool, it makes it difficult to quickly rate items, and it's disconcerting. I like how the color bars animate to be larger, but I would suggest not animating the stars and just leaving them small -- we can see them just fine.

            - I can't tab through the values beneath the large color swatches. For example, I'd like to specify a color by typing in values and tabbing to the next field.

            - Is it just me, or is it not possible to create a totally white color?

            :) Mordy
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              Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager
              Great tool... But I can’t Sign In with my Adobe ID & Password!

              As Mordy, I noticed that I can enter value in a field, but as soon as I hit the tab key the cursor, it move the the field below not at the right.

              Also, one thing that peoples might want to do is change the black background to a light grey or white or any color. Seeing the color on a black background is not always usefull.

              PS: Mordy, I was able to do a white 255R/255G/255B... but it does not look like a white probably because of the black background.
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                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                Hi Mordy, thanks for your feedback. About tabbing, we are working to smooth out the action on the color value control panel (where color values and sliders are). The ratings input is interesting, we'll monitor reactions.

                About pure white, Jean-Claude is right; it doesn't look like white but we tested it here in QA. As for creating white using the wheel, we are looking into that.
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                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                  We have gotten a few requests for the ability to change the background for the reasons you mentioned. It's on the New Features Wish List. :)
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                    Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager
                    Sami, why does i'm unable to log in using my Adobe ID?
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                      heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
                      Very nice - good job.

                      Just couple of things.
                      Loading the site, Signing in with an Adobe Id, switching from the menu items, and saving a template presents an animated progress that just won't go away.

                      Particularly when the Save is pressed.
                      Is it processing or does it mean something else?
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                        Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                        Hi, we got such high traffic this morning that the server is maxxed out. That's why it's frozen . We are working on this, so please check back later. You can save and publish your theme once it's fixed. Thanks for your patience and interest!
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                          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
                          Thats what I thought , I just happen to be at the Adobe Store and realized it is at a crawl too - No problem - looks promising, to say the least.

                          Does saving a template make it visibile to ALL who uses kuler or just to me?
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                            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                            If you sign in and create a theme, currently you get two choices: Save (to your private Mykuler page) and Publish (Save to your private Mykuler page and share with others). We are encouraging people to Publish, it makes the site more interesting and dynamic.

                            If you feel your theme isn't "ready for prime time," you could treat it like a draft and Save to Mykuler only, then later select and Edit it, retitle, tag, and Publish it.
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                              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                              Hmm... if it is an Adobe common login (email for username) that you created at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/membership/index.cfm, I'm not sure why it isn't working. Can you give me the error message and what browser and platform so I can look into it?

                              What was your workaround?
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                                This thing would be really useful if I could get any CS1 apps to recognize the output .ase file. In the meantime, at least I manually add the dynamically mixed values.... but there's gotta be a better way, right?
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                                  Nice app. It would be handy if you could easily view the RGB color codes as you browse the various schemes
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                                    I'm getting an exception error every time I try to log in. Frustrating!
                                    Do I have to misspell my name in a similar way?
                                    color = kuler
                                    jcburns = kseaburnz ?

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                                      is there a way to make a set that is made up of greater than just 5 colors?
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                                        Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                        Many thanks for the tremendous response our first day out! We are working hard to solve the server problem so we can handle the unexpected traffic. Look for much better performance next week.

                                        In the meantime, you can still take a break from basting the turkey to play on the Create page and browse themes.
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                                          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee

                                          Originally posted by: ShawnDL
                                          is there a way to make a set that is made up of greater than just 5 colors?

                                          Currently the palette is 2-5 themes only.We are open to new feature ideas: how many are you interested in and how would you use them?
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                                            RichClient Level 1
                                            Thought it might be a server problem, but I still get no colors at all on the color wheel page. I mean I get the wheel, but it simply isnt displying selected colors in the boxes below. I have tried this on 2 pc's in totally different internet connections, on both IE and FF in player version 9,0,28,0.
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                                              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                              Hello, it might be Flash. The "no-colors" problem seems to resolve on IE if people uninstall Flash Player and then reinstall with the new version and restart. We haven't seen it on Firefox before. We are working to get the Express install up and running which should smooth out the process. We appreciate your perseverance...

                                              The IE uninstall/ reinstall / restart also seems to help if someone sees big gray boxes.
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                                                This is an interesting app...basically an online version of Digital Anarchy's Color Theory.

                                                The saving and publishing ability seems to be really slow at the moment, but overall it's pretty slick! I like the ability to generate swatches for all of the Adobe apps right from the interface.
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                                                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee

                                                  Originally posted by: jcb_atlanta
                                                  I'm getting an exception error every time I try to log in. Frustrating!
                                                  Do I have to misspell my name in a similar way?
                                                  color = kuler
                                                  jcburns = kseaburnz ?

                                                  Hi,I'm trying to track down the authentication issues. Is your Adobe ID an email address or a username?

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                                                    the login problem is due to an issue most likely with a user creating an AdobeID that doesn't have an @ symbol in the user name. For instance if john doe logs in as johnDoe as a username it wont work. However if john doe were to create a new adobe id that would be johnDoe@mydomain.com it works fine. I have tested this out and verified this.
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                                                      Level 7
                                                      Sorry, but the ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) file format was created for Creative Suite 2.
                                                      CS1 applications are not going to be able to read it.
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                                                        I am getting a similar result. I never see any color in the boxes. The color wheel can be set to anyting but the boxes never display a color. I tried entering hex values too and still nothing.

                                                        I just tried un installing and re-installing flash player and got no change. This is on Win2K with IE6 and FF1.5

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                                                          kevin_roche Level 1
                                                          It does not work on Win2K. I get no colors on Win2K in either Firefox or IE6. On Win XP its fine.
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                                                            Level 7
                                                            Sounds like you've got a problem with the Flash Player version on your system.

                                                            What version of the Flash Player are you using?
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                                                              I just found out about kuler and can already say: what an awesome application. I'm loving it. I have however a request. Since my workstation is not connected to the internet all the time, I am wondering whether an offline version could be made available, either as a downloadable version of the website or as a Phtotoshop plug-in. Or am I asking too much?

                                                              cheers, Piet
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                                                                I play around for just 10 minutes now.... very cool, really.

                                                                I'd like to see kuler integrated within Photoshop. It would be worth the upgrade price alone...

                                                                oh, and something to the dark color scheme for the interface. For me, working with products from autodesk/discreet, I really like the dark color scheme. at the moment adobe has 2 different dark schemes, the one used in after effects and the other used by kuler and Lightroom. In my opinion, the ones used by kuler and Lightroom have a "more professional feeling" (the workflow as well...by the way) and I would be more than happy to see that color scheme in all adobe products.

                                                                I believe it's not necessary to give full control over the colors to the user. however, It would be nice to be able to switch between a "dark" and a "lighter" color scheme.


                                                                • 29. welcome to kuler
                                                                  Level 7
                                                                  It is necessary to give the user choices or control over the background/UI color scheme.

                                                                  Human adapt to the background color that they perceive, and that affects their perception of other colors.

                                                                  When working on something for print, you want a very light (nearly white) background.
                                                                  When working on something for a movie, you want a black background.
                                                                  Video needs a dark background, and photos need a neutral gray background.

                                                                  So, one background won't work for all users, they need choices or controls.
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                                                                    I can't get any base colors to come up at all either for myself or when I try to edit others. Using Firefox 2 on Windows XP.
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                                                                      reminds me of this site:

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                                                                        It would be neat if it could generate a pdf with the swatches on it so you could send that to a client (who might not be savvy enough to figure out how to install the latest Flash.)
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                                                                          Level 7
                                                                          You can export ASE files and import those into one of the CS2 applications, then export any way you like (well, whatever that application supports).
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                                                                            dagarrat Level 1
                                                                            That's a great idea, extravaganza_! It would be great if there was an 'e-mail this theme' button that would either let you e-mail a pdf swatch and/or a link to the theme on kuler.