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    Adobe Premiere Elements 11 very slow and crashing. PLEASE HELP!!!


      I bought the Adobe Premiere Elements in June and it is so slow. Just recently it has also began to crash as well. Before I even add any effects its moving slow. I am prompted to render for quicker play back and I do and it makes no difference at all. It's so hard to edit any videos with it because it is so slow. I tried to go through the forums and look for solutions but it seems as if everyone with the same problem had different solutions. I am not tech savvy and I have a very limited amount of times on my hands so I really can't spend hours trying to trouble shoot this. I have a Gateway PC with 770 GB. With Adobe Premier downloaded I still have 319 GB free. My PC is very fast, never slow and it never crashes. I have Windows 7. How can I get it to move properly? Thanks.I also went and deleted everything in the organizer and that did not help. Please help me fix this.