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    LR6 upgrade 3 to 6 not working


      I bought LR3 when it first came out, and then updated to 6 a while ago. It hasn't worked for a single day since being bought and I have contacted Adobe SEVERAL TIMES, with no help. HOURS OF MY TIME BEING WASTED. I installed LR6 and at first it won't open at all, contacted' Adobe no one could figure it out, uninstaled and deleted everything on my own to try and get it working. after reinstaling everything LR6 opens and says "Hello! thank you for choosing Abode Lghtoom" and all that. I click on and then I sit, and sit, and sit, and it never does anything else. It stays on the loading screen. Forever.


      On a side note, I'm VERY annoyed I can not speak to someone over the phone like I used to be able to. Adobe, get your act together and actually have support for people. This is why people illegally download your product because who wants to pay when it doesn't even work!