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    sound is not rendered during export


      The video and sounds are working ok within Adobe Premiere. However once we export it and play it on the computer the sound is totally distorted or blank . We have tried various export and sound settings (MP3, AAC, various bitrates) but without success yet.

      the container is mpeg or mp4.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What program are you using to play the video you're outputting. Windows Media Player is extremely limited and may not be the best choice for playing videos.


          I recommend VLC Media Player, a free download that can play almost any video file. It's a much better choice for checking your outputs with.


          Quicktime Player (also free) is a good second choice. And, since it's one of the system requirements for Premiere Elements, you likely already have it on your computer.

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            lionelj12253159 Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            thx for your reply we are using WMP or VLC I even tried onto 2 other PCs and one Linux machine so I believe I can rule out the "playing" aspect.

            something do not work during the EXPORT phase the sounds is either missing or damaged.

            as a reminder the whole thing is working well within premiere in project mode. So I can play the vid and ear the sound totally ok...


            I'm using a Win 7 , 64 bits OS and Premiere 64 bits. Ram is comfortable at 8 GB.


            I was more thinking about the lack of CODECs maybe, are additional codecs required to generate AAC sounds?

            Also I have noticed that I cannot create a MP3 or an AIFF file just AAC or WAV.


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              If you've got Premiere Elements and the latest version of Quicktime Player installed on Windows computer, you've got all the codecs you need to play and render camcorder video, lionel. So that's not it.


              In fact, I'm not sure wheresoever to go with this.


              If your video is coming from a camcorder and you're using Premiere Elements 11, 12, 13 or 14, I can't think of any reason you would not be able to output audio. Hopefully some other person on this forum can offer some troubleshooting.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                What version of Premiere Elements on your Windows 7 64 bit?

                What is on that Timeline that is playing OK in the Editing area? Formats? Details - brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded the video?

                Yes, I know that you are reporting an export failure, and you are reporting only problems after not before export. Best not to take anything for granted.


                Has it been determined that you have QuickTime 7.7.8 installed on your Windows 7 64 bit computer?

                What is your video card/graphics card - Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher?

                If not, then go to Edit Menu/Preferences/General and remove the check mark next to the preference that reads "Use Hardware Acceleration (works on Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher)"...I am assuming that you have been working with this preference enabled.


                For the export process so far....even if you have tried a variety of choices, let us stick to one for cross comparison troubleshooting.

                What are you doing in Publish+Share/Computer/Audio with the AIFF, MP3, AAC, WAV choices.....exporting audio only of your Timeline file or something else?

                What happens when you select AIFF and MP3 - error message or just no sound in the exported audio only file?


                When you were trying to export the video and its audio, where were you in exports - Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with one of the MP4 presets or some place else? Please name the preset used and indicate whether you used it as is or you customized the export setting under the preset's advanced settings? See Advanced Button/Video Tab, Audio Tab, Multiplexer Tab of the preset selected.


                In your comparison of the export's playback using different computers, is the problem export from the same Premiere Elements project file? Is it from the same Timeline content? What happens with new Premiere Elements new project, different Timeline content, and same export settings?


                Please download and install the free MediaInfo video audio properties readout program and run your problem video audio through it (use that program's Tree View). What are the audio properties that you found as compared to Premiere Elements audio export settings for the file?


                Just be careful with your choices during the downloading and installing of MediaInfo since it is known to travel with unwanted baggage.


                Let us start here, and then we can decide on troubleshooting strategy based on the details in your reply.