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    "out of memory" crash in InDesign CS6

    riegens Level 1

      After upgrading to El Capitan my InDesign CS6 is crashing multiple times a day.


      Sometimes it just crashes, and sometimes I get the warning "out of memory", plus I can now only "undo" 2 steps back now.


      I have iMac 27" 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7, 32 GB RAM. I have approx 500 Gb og free data on my harddisk.

      What can I do to give InDesign more access to the RAM, as I can see, that I have approx 23 Gb of free RAM, when the programme crashes.


      I have turned show/hide of in general in system preferences, but it dit not work.


      If it is due to the upgrade to El Capitan, can I downgrade to previous version?

      Upgrading to CC is not an option right now, it is simply too expensive.