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    Pixelated Colours


      Hi, I've been using Lightroom for a few years and have generally got by ok. Recently, I noticed that some of the colours, when they got too bright, were displaying weirdly. I'm sure this didn't happen in the past so I'm not sure what happened. Perhaps I changed a setting somewhere or something.

      I'm on Windows 7 with LR 4.3, the pictures are RAW.

      The picture shows what I mean. The colours don't even have to be super bright. Any help is very much appreciated.



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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          I can't see any pixelation, it seems to be the texture of the paper (?). Apart from that, maybe a little general noise.

          Is this at 1:1 magnification? If not, please post a screenshot at 1:1 in Develop. A screenshot of the Detail panel in Develop would also be helpful.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm not seeing anything, either.  What does "pixilated" mean to you?  And what does adding the word "colors" mean?  Does it mean it only happens in colored areas not neutral-toned or does it mean there are unnatural colored pixels in an area of the photo that should be neutral?


            I wonder if you're seeing something on your computer that doesn't translate to the screenshot which could be due to your monitor profile.


            Maybe zoom in on an area that has the problem and indicate precisely where it is in your screen-shot tool or in Photoshop or however you've cropped your screenshot down to the size it is.  You might also take a photo of your screen with your phone and upload a portion of that image.

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              KesterSmith Level 1

              Ok, so I've moved computers and this picture looks fine. I feel like an idiot but at least I know its just the bloody monitor now. Thanks guys