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    Add keyword on export automatically




      I don't know if there is still a forum for suggestions for future versions, but I'd really like a simple method of adding a keyword as part of an export.  I've been looking for plugins, and it seems there may be some that have this as an extra benefit to some other actions, such as taking a screenshot, but I haven't found one that just does it by itself - please let me know if I've missed an obvious feature of lightroom or a simple plugin!!


      Otherwise, how can the suggestion be put forward? Ideally I'd like it to be a one-liner in the export dialogue - either under metadata or post-processing.  Then at the same time as exporting the files as images it can add (or maybe strip if that would help someone) keyword(s) from a editable box.  For example, I may want to add the keyword 'hadprinted' if I export photos for printing from a company, or 'onfacebook' if it was exported for me to upload there, or 'innewsletter017' if I've used those photos for a particular publication.  Of course I can do, and currently do, this by simple adding the keywords whilst the photos I'm exporting are still highlighted, but it's about saving an extra step and also having the option of saving it as part of an export preset if it's something I do regularly.


      Thanks for any thoughts

      ps _ I am still on LR5, although considering 6, if it has been added in recently.