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    connecting to password protected site

      I'm using Contribute 3 on a Mac running OS 10.4 at Penn State. Throughout the university, we use a single sign-on solution developed at UMich called Cosign ( http://www.umich.edu/~umweb/software/cosign/) which seems to be causing trouble when setting up Contribute connections. Here's the deal... once I have a connection set up, I have no trouble using Contribute. If I authenticate through our single sign-on page, then visit the contribute-enabled site, I can do anything I need.

      The problem is in setting up connections when the site is protected. Even if I authenticate in the Contribute browser window before clicking "Create Connection", Contribute still gives me the following error after entering the URL:


      Contribute cannot find the website https://my.web.server/contributetest/. You should verify that the web address is correct or contact the website administrator for assistance.
      Would you like to try to connect to the website anyway?
      (Yes) (No)

      If I click "yes" to continue anyway, I eventually get stuck with this error message:

      Contribute cannot verify your connection information.
      Please contact your administrator for assistance.

      Leads me to believe that Contribute, when testing the connection, isn't reading the cookies from the browser. So it uploads some test files via FTP, then tries to access them via HTTPS, but can't get to the protected directory. In order to complete the connection I have to un-protect the site, create the connection, then re-enable the protection again.

      Any ideas how I can resolve this problem and create a Contribute conection without removing password protection?

      Jason Tremblay