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    Can't activate LR6


      I want to start by expressing how utterly disappointing adobe online support is.  I spent an hour in support chat with an agent who was unable to help me, pointed me to the forums for an issue all of the forum articles say to talk to an online chat agent about, and finally agreed to escalate the issue.  So I got an email "update" on the issue this morning, essentially giving me the same instructions and urls I've already read with no way to reply.  No escalation.  They've written me off as someone on a "domain network," which somehow means I don't deserve proper resolution/support.


      Absolutely unacceptable customer support.


      Here is my issue:


      I try to install LR6 (perpetual license) and get the Sign-In page.  It spins and never connects/prompts.  After it times out I can click to "do it later" and enter my license. The software installs.  Afterwards, while launching, it then gives me the same broken Sign-In page.  It never connects.  It times out eventually and *says* I could get an online token by clicking on the URL given, but there's no way to *enter* a token in the software.


      Yes, I'm one of those behind a corporate firewall.  I've checked with our IT on our Zscaler config.  I've also connected the desktop to our guest wifi, which is more open.  I also disconnected from all networks and tethered it to my iPhone.  A completely open network.  No difference.


      I've uninstalled McAfee.  I've turned off the Windows Firewall.


      What is super disappointing is that I did manage to install it by disconnecting from all networks -- completely isolated machine.    (You think the support staff would have thought to mention that option?)


      So, while isolated from all networks, it went ahead and continued on -- but I have no idea if I'm on a timer now due to lack of "online activation."


      So my question is -- has anyone  else solved this spinning Activation Login screen?  What am I to expect to happen next -- is my activation temporary?


      PS: Adobe: Your product activation process is hurting your real (paying!) customers.  LR5 I could just enter the license and continue -- this new online login requirement is not good!