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    Help!!!!! Dynamically creating series in a chart

      I am a newbie in Flex and I have been struggling with it for a couple of days. I having failed to find anything that would help me around in forums and tutorial so please help!

      I need to create a chart with a variable number of lines. The lines need to be configured from actionscript and need to have their own dataProvider and formatting.

      I have understood that I need to get to the chart.series array and replace elements there with new elements or add elements. I have not found correct interfaces to assign the type of the series (line, bar, pie, etc) and the color of the stroke. Can someone please help!!!

      Here is the code that I have:

      thisChart.series = new Array();
      var oSeries:Series = new Series;
      var oStroke:Stroke = new Stroke(0x000000, 1, .5);
      oSeries.dataProvider = selectedMix;