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    Catalog with left and right master pages

    kevind82335850 Level 1

      I'm sure this is a fairly easy question for any inDesign pro but here it goes.


      I'm creating a catalog for my company, its going to be 150-200 pages...possibly more.  I got about 6 pages done before I realized the way I have this set up is not going to work. I have a Master page for left pages, and another for right pages (see image second image for my pages pane)


      My problem is, I need to insert a new page as page #2. When I do it creates the "not this" part of my image for all subsequent pages.  All of the pages shift but the master pages do too.   I need the content on the page to shift not the page (master) so that the blue tabs are always on the outside of the catalog.


      Does that make sense? How do I go about setting this up?