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    Calibri font missing on new iMac


      Hi all, thanks for your support.


      I am an amateur editing a club newsletter with InDesign (Creative Cloud 2015). It's a really simple four-page document that I export as a PDF and send to a small local printer. I inherited the InDesign file from the previous editor three years ago; I simply copy the file and sub out the content each month. The file has always used Calibri and Times fonts.


      Today I started my first newsletter edit with a new iMac (OS 10.11). Uh-oh: All the Calibri text is pink-highlighted.


      I'm not a design pro at all, and I don't know how fonts work.


      Other factors:

      • On my old iMac, I had Office:Mac 2008.
      • I don't feel strongly about staying with Calibri if there's an easy way to switch to something else.
      • I see the Typekit app in CC 2015. Can it help me?


      Can you give me simple steps to activate some clean sans serif font in this file, so I can move on?