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    wmv in director/cd rom

      I am putting a CD ROM with some 3D animation rendered in WMV. I have used QuickTime in more than happy to go with WMV as it seems to be more freely available and feels that the majority of his clients use Windows. Do I need to use a similar script or installer/updater? Also will there be any conflict between Vista and XP, I am using Director MX 2004.

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          It depends upon the codec you used when you made the wmv file. If you
          used one of the ones that comes with Windows XP and Vista, then the user
          does not need to do anything, and you do not need to do anything special
          to make sure it works. All PCs with XP and Vista will be able to open
          wmv files (though some codecs work by default and others do not).
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            vrthree Level 1
            The test video worked OK, both systems I tested it on asked me to install Windows Media Player as neither had it fully installed, it was just a case of clicking a few buttons.