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    Export map IDs to C#

      We've been providing RHx5 WebHelp for a year, but it isn't CSH. Now our application has grown, and we're planning our Help project for next year - merged CSH WebHelp for C#. I once did CSH without using Map IDs, and want to use them this time.

      For the Map IDs, what's the purpose of using the Export dialog to "export" them and how is it done for C#, since the dialog doesn't list C# as an option?

      I have the Macromedia developer C# info for calling the topics, and see from the forum that merged IDs go into a single ID file, but am not putting it all together to figure out whether we need to use the Export dialog to export the map IDs.

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          atownsen1987 Level 1

          Does anyone know of a solution to this? I'm using RoboHelp 8 and I need to export my Map Ids to C#, but there are only options for C/C++, Javascript, VB. I'm using the API to kick off some of the help file generated, but when I make this call:


          RoboHelpAPI.CSH_API csh = new CSH_API();

          csh.RH_ShowLocalHelp(this.Handle, strHelpUrl, OptionConstants.CSH_DISPLAY_CONTEXT, 1);


          It just takes me to the main page instead of going to my topic id. 


          I'm very stuck on this issue, so help would be greatly appreciated!!

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            atownsen1987 Level 1

            This is for anyone else with C# + Map File woes.


            There is a list of sample projects here: http://www.adobe.com/support/robohelp/htmlhelp.html Once of them is titled Import MS help into C# Example.  It's description sounds like it'll explain how to use C# with map files.  Hopefully I'll have luck!!