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    The minimum minimum laptop that will edit 1080p smoothly


      I find myself spending a lot of time away from home and from my desktop where I do all of my video editing. I would like to purchase a laptop that will be able to edit 1080p footage smoothly.


      I have already been through the system requirements and through many forum threads, however the system requirements just has a huge list of video cards without any indication of how premiere will run on each of them (not that I expect them to do that) and the forum threads are usually about a specific computer/laptop they have in mind.


      My question is a little different, I want to know the slowest CPU and slowest GPU that will let me edit 1080p footage smoothly. my use of premiere doesn't include the more complex effects, just cutting footage together, placing transitions, text etc.


      CPU: Could an i3-4000U series processor edit 1080p smoothly? What about a Celeron N2957U (I know that's probably pushing the far limits of even opening Premiere but I thought I would ask in case I was wrong)?

      GPU: The list of GPUs start at the GTX650/8470. What about a GT520 or an AMD 6530?


      Lastly, I'm guessing any kind of integrated graphics would work? I'm specifically looking at the Core M 5y10c.


      I'm pretty well versed in the desktop CPU/GPU power structure and have a feel for whether something would run premiere well, but not laptops. Thanks for all your help in advance!


      My current desktop below for reference:


      4GB RAM