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    Missing Elements in Uploaded Animation




      I originally posted this to the Muse forum, but I think it's better suited here.


      I have uploaded my new site to my host. The problem is that two of the main animations, on the splash screen and the home page, are missing elements when they play.


      While troubleshooting I uploaded to a created Business Catalyst site. Everything works as it should on there.


      To view the difference:


      http://manosdesign.businesscatalyst.com/   This is how the site SHOULD look.


      Unfortunately, it looks like this on my web host:




      I have presented this issue to the tech support at my web host. They insist that it's not a problem with their server. They suggested I "check the script," though I'm not exactly sure what they mean by that.

      Doesn't Muse automatically upload all the necessary files for Edge animations? If not, in which folder should I make sure all the needed Edge files are?

      I'd very much appreciate any insight or suggestions to rectify this issue.

      Thank you.