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    When I try to get the text to flow to another text box, why does another empty box appear?


      I'm trying to do my homework but when I want the text to flow from one box to the next page, I click the red square at the bottom and then click the next text box but it just gives me a new empty text box. I've made sure I have the right tool selected and everything and still can't figure it out.


      DEVELOPMENT: Now after I've gone all the way back and pasted the text again, it goes into the box on the page that's directly below it instead of the next page in the sequence. So pages 6-7 are on one spread and 8-9 are on the next. I paste the text into the box on page 7, and it overflows and continues onto page 9! I've made sure that page 8 has a text box and then found that it won't let me select inside the text box to edit any text (not that there is any).