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    Perpetual License Purchase?


      I have trialled many of the Creative Suite applications, all of which have great features, but I simply cannot afford the monthly fees. I would rather pay a one off cost up front, and then upgrade when I can afford/need to do so. The current subscription, unlike some other current subscription models (e.g. Filemaker Pro, who at least offer an alternative) limits me to only purchase a CC Subscription, or individual app subscriptions, which are either too limited or at the monthly rate entirely unaffordable $55.00 a month, or $660 a year. Whilst it may be cheaper in the long term, since updates are included and automatic, and if you have a Creative Cloud Membership, then you have unlimited access. However if I have another member of the family wishing to use this product, I would have to purchase another license, which I possibly would have to under the old system, but the problem is that on a monthly basis this becomes unaffordable. Many companies are moving to this structure of licensing, but if you have multiple licences for multiple products, one might be expected to pay up to $200 per month just to get the tools you need to do the job, without having additional family subscriptions.


      Adobe, is there not some other options?