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    Change TOC Icon

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      Hello All,

      Using RoboHelp X5, I am developing a WebHelp project, which has three levels in the TOC.

      Level 1 (Book) > Level 2 (Book) > Level 3 (Topic)

      I would like to chagne the level 1 icon from a book to a folder. Rick Stone' s Skinngy on Skins outlines the procedure to change the topic icon, but I cannot find any information on changing the book icon.

      Can I change the level 1 icon from a book to a folder, without changing the level 2 icon? If so, how?

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          MergeThis Level 4
          If you're not using any "Remote URL" links in the TOC, use that option for either Book level (downside is that you can't get the Closed/Opened duality). Make your selections in the Images panel of the Navigations tab in the WebHelp Skin Editor.

          Good luck,